Suzuki GS 150R. User Review

Its quite interesting to note that how quickly we need to change our opinions. That’s why I needed to rewrite my review completely. Actually my earlier review was a preview, with just a 10 mt visual experience with the bike at showroom.

I need not to elaborate on all those specifications. I have done some 2000 km (first 1500 km run in.) on the bike, and here is some real review.

I think the photographs didn’t do justice to the bike. It is much much better looking than seen in the ad visuals. And definitely bigger than any other 150 cc bike. Pillions may find it a bit awkward at first, for the seat is set very high but will agree on the comfort eventually. Everybody is likely to make the first comment on the tank, but it really make you reassured while you are on the riders seat. You feel like you are riding a really massive machine. The ride is very comfortable.

It is an incredibly stable bike and the handling is quite a pleasure. You twist it and turn it, it stays cool balanced! The sitting posture is very ergonomic. (But nothing beats my old RTZ in this aspect.) Every other levers and switches are all placed quite ergonomically. And see, you can’t self start the engine without completely releasing the clutch, a cool method to prevent accidental double cranking. Nice! Also you can start the engine at any gear position.

The breaking is quite impressive, especially the front disks. The lights are all powerful, but needed some adjustment on positioning. They have fitted a really annoying indicator beeper. Every time I switch on the indicator at some populated area, I feel embarrassed. Have to find where it is placed and should disconnect it.

Now coming to the engine part. It is where I got disappointed. Actually I was looking for those extra horses, yes they are there, but not at our service when we need them the most. The power delivery is quite inconsistent. They say about the excellent midrange torque. They are right, but understand something, it means poor low range torque. From around 4000 to 6500 rpm range, the engine performance is awesome. All the horses are lined up, and they take you there in seconds! But suppose, you need to slow down, turn at right angle and to ascent a steep gradient, ( as in case to my house) then the engine puffs and coughs and fail you. You will be busy shifting down and down and down. ( what my earlier Discover 125 managed with a single downshift, GS takes it up to second gear.) The engine have disappointingly poor performance in low rpm.

The GS will be an excellent highway performer, but I am afraid you will loose out in quick shift situations. The only way to enjoy the ride is to keep the rev high, but we all know it is not always possible. It is an excellent option if you are a long distance commuter, but if your route is tortuous , I am not sure.The mileage is between 50 and 55 kmpl.

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